Some Hither Tither hacks for your house …

There are hundreds of ideas, tips and tricks to help you keep your home and outdoor areas clean and tidy. Each area of your home has some of it’s own circumstances that require different tips to help them get and stay clean.

Staying clean and organized can be a job and a half! Keeping up with everyday cleaning tasks is tough, and once you start drifting behind, you can really fall back in your household schedule.These quick household tips will help you to minimize your time and effort and maximize your results in every room of your house!

Living Room

This is a difficult spot in your house to keep clean because it’s so central. Clutter accumulates regularly from a lot of different sources. These tips will help you get things back under control.

Clear the clutter first. Especially if you have kids, all kinds of random items are going to pile up in the living room. Grab a laundry basket or a large plastic bin and start by collecting all the loose random items. Deal with it later , for now its out of sight ,Out of Mind .

Have houseplants with dusty leaves? Grab a banana and eat it and keep the skin. Use the skin to clean the leaves. The dust will stick right to it, and the juice is healthy for the plants.

Want to shine up your wood with a quick and easy home mixture? Never mind furniture polish. Just grab some olive oil and lemon juice and mix them in a 2:1 ratio. Go over your wood surfaces with it and your furniture will shine.

If you look inside your vases and find they are full of dirt, you can clean them out by filling them with vinegar. Add a handful of dry rise, and swish the vases around. Pour everything out, and they should be significantly cleaner inside. A very cool little trick.

Regularly open and close window blinds or curtains, even if you would prefer to just keep them closed all the time. Doing this will help to dispel dust and will make them easier to keep clean over time.



Keep your cling film in the fridge. A lot of people find it much more cooperative and easier to use when it is cold.

Fingerprints all over your stainless steel appliances? Put a little baby oil on a clean, soft cloth, and run it over the surfaces. Those prints should lift right off.

Grease buildup on top of your cabinets? You need to keep the tops of your cabinets clean, but thankfully you don’t have to look at them. That makes this an easy problem to solve. If you line the tops of your cabinets with newspaper, you can protect them from grease.

Tired of your salt lumping together and getting hard inside the salt shaker? Here’s a trick you may recognize from restaurants you have been to. Just add a few grains of rice. Rice is amazing at absorbing moisture, and will keep the salt dry. This keeps it from lumping.

Get rid of those annoying stains on the bottom of your mug from tea or coffee by swishing some white vinegar inside. This is similar to the vase cleaning trick I shared for the living room.

Baking soda is not only great for getting rid of foul odors in your fridge, but in other spots in the kitchen too. In fact, if you just sprinkle a little bit at the bottom of your trash bin before you put the next bag in, it will prevent odors!



Source :BHG

Install hooks for towels. If you don’t have enough room for all your towels on your towel racks, mounting hooks is fast and easy and will provide you with the additional space you need.

Keep your old toothbrushes. They are great for a million purposes in and out of the bathroom. Use them to clean grout in the bathroom or kitchen. They are also handy for cleaning jewelry, and much, much more.

Unwrinkle clothing while you shower. Okay, so technically this is a laundry tip, but it’s one you do in the shower. Hang wrinkled clothes while you are showering, and the steam will loosen them out. They’ll look great when you are done!

Quickly rinse the doors and tiles in your shower after you’re done. Get the soap off the walls, and you will prevent soap scum.

Try scrubbing your faucets off using toothpaste. You can use one of those old toothbrushes mentioned earlier for this. Rinse them off and they should have a nice new gleam.

Like listening to music on your phone  while you are showering? If your sink is dry, it makes an excellent amplifier. If you’re still worried about it, put it inside a Ziploc bag. ( personal Fav)



Seasonal clothing, blankets, and accessories can also be moved to a storage area off-season. That means items like scarves, gloves, and heavy clothes during the summer, and items like light summery clothing during the wintertime.

If your closet has just a single bar for hanging clothes, you are probably having a hard time keeping neat and organized. Consider buying a closet organizer which you can use to add additional bars and shelves. This is a great way to maximize your space, and many closet organizers are surprisingly cheap.

Make sure that your longer clothes are grouped together (i.e. long pants, dresses, skirts) and are separate from your shorter hanging clothes (i.e. tops, shorts, shorter skirts). This frees up room underneath the shorter hanging attire.

Think about rolling shirts in drawers. Folding them keeps them flat, but it is hard to keep them nice and neat. Rolling can actually be more efficient. It’s fast and easy, and does a great job maximizing space.(personal Fav)

Laundry Room


Regularly clean out your washing machine. Why? If you use a lot of detergent, you are going to get a buildup of soap scum over time. This stuff can get into your pipes. Run an empty cycle now and again with just a cup of white vinegar. This will help to remove soapy residue from your pipes.

Have rust stains on white cotton? You can scrub with lemon juice and salt before throwing it in the wash, and the stains should come out.

While sorting out your laundry, toss small items like socks, underwear, and tights inside different pillowcases. This saves you from having to sort them out later, and will prevent you from losing socks.

Hither Tither Run for shelter tips 🙂

If you break a dish and the fragments scatter everywhere, you can pick them up quickly, safely, and easily using a ball of Play-Doh. The shards will embed inside, and then you can throw them away.

Run the clock and figure out how long your various household chores actually take. You will likely find they take less time than you think. This will make it easier to commit to doing them in the future.

Look for ways to multitask. Clean the shower while you’re taking a shower. Soak dishes in the sink while you are eating dinner. Cut back on the time you spend cleaning and it will be easier to keep up.

Coffee grounds are another great way to dispel bad odors and replace them with good odors. A bowl of grounds smells great wherever you put it, and is especially helpful in the fridge.

Thinking of doing a complete makeover of a room in your house? Always take a picture first. It will be amazing to see how you have progressed. Once you are organized, take another photo. Don’t just keep it as documentation. 

Tack it to your wall or put it somewhere else handy. When the room starts looking different from what you have in the picture, it may be time to clean up again. Spot the differences and you will immediately see what is out of place.


Being Thankful<3


“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.” ~ John F. Kennedy


November kicks off the holiday season with high expectations for a cozy and festive time of year. Common Sense says that Giving thanks can Actually lift your spirits high and retain a sense of stability in your mind .

 With gratitude, people acknowledge the goodness in their lives. In the process, people usually recognize that the source of that goodness lies at least partially outside themselves.

 For us at the messed up home , NOVEMBER means this month we are only celebrating !!  Yes, U read that right ! Just CELEBRATING  all month along ! Birthdays , Anniversaries ,Festivals, Holidays  and much more !! 

But this year I thought  Why not  have a post on giving thanks to some people in my life apart from my parents  who have been there with me all through this phase of Life 🙂





They say that friendship is the most valuable thing in the world. So accept my grateful appreciation for being that valuable for me, my friends my Readers ,Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this blog what it is today !!

And to some more special people in my life , Moony06 ,Ananya , Kartoon ,Deeps —-Thank you for the good times, the days you filled with pleasure. Thank you for fond memories and for feelings I will always treasure.I`m glad friendship doesn`t come with price tags. For if it does, I`d never afford someone as great as you guys .*Thank You*


And to that  very special person in my life ,Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage. I love you not only for what you are, But for what I am when I am with you. I never knew how full and wonderful life could be until you walked into mine. To be with u each day is a blessing that I am gonna cherish forever *Thank You* Honey 

While I have given my thanks to all of you  , I am grateful to each and everyone of u to make my life more meaningful *Thank You* 


Take a Gratitude Challenge

We always talk about counting our blessings—let’s do it! Write a list of 100 things you are thankful for.  Some might think that is too many. If that is the case, try this:

  • Write 10 living people you are grateful for.
  • Write 10 people who have died you are grateful for.
  • Write 10 physical abilities you are grateful for.
  • Write 10 material possessions you are grateful for.
  • Write 10 things about nature you are grateful for.
  • Write 10 things about today you are grateful for.
  • Write 10 places on earth you are grateful for.
  • Write 10 modern-day inventions you are 
grateful for.
  • Write 10 foods you are grateful for.
  • Write 10 things about the gospel you are grateful for.

When we make a list like this, we discover that a list of 100 doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of all the things God has given us.

Happy Thanksgiving To all of u !!



It’s All about the PRODUCE !!!


You go to the store and purchase salad makings with the best of intentions.

 Like the busy time-saver you are, you pre-chop your lettuce and your veggies so you can toss a healthy meal together on the go. But, a few days later your lettuce and veggies are mushy and gross.

 What to do  when this happens & why ?????

A combination of natural gasses, moisture build up, and the act of chopping your veggies can speed of decomposition.

 But, with a few handy tricks you can make them last long enough to get your money’s worth! 



Cucumbers are tasty when they’re crispy. When they turn mushy … not so much. To keep cut cucumbers fresh longer, try this tip:

  Cut your cucumbers into about 1/4-inch slices. Stack the slices in a sealable container. Then, place a folded paper towel on top of your cucumbers and put a lid on your container. Store your cucumbers upside down (so that the paper towel is on the bottom). The towel will soak up extra moisture. 



Need to keep your chopped bell peppers fresh a few days more? Try this hack :

 Use a sharp knife to cut your peppers. A dull knife could damage the exterior of the veggie. Remove the stem and seeds. Then cut into slices or chunks.

 Lay your pepper slices on a paper towel and wrap the towel around the peppers. Place the paper towel-covered peppers into a bowl and add about 1/2 inch of cold water. This will keep your peppers fresh for about a week.



Do you buy baby carrots just to avoid trying to slice, dice, and store full grown carrots? Try this hack and save a little extra cash at the grocery store. 

Trim off all of the green tops from the carrots. Store the tops in a separate container if you want to use them for soup later on. 

Store your newly trimmed carrots in a bowl of water for several weeks. 

Bonus points: this actually works for baby carrots too. 



Pros have  tried three different ways to keep lettuce greens fresh in the fridge. 

Method 1: Storing leaves in rolled in a paper towel then placed in a plastic bag.

 Method 2: Storing leaves in a hard, re-sealable, plastic container with a paper towel.

 Method 3: Storing the greens in a plastic produce bag with a puff of air and sealed. 

Surprisingly, all three methods yielded still-fresh veggies after 7 days. 

At 10 days, the clear winner was method 2: Line a plastic storage container with paper towels and line the towel with greens. 

Don’t pack them down. Seal with a lid and store. The hard container protects the leaves from getting bruised and extra space in the container provides enough air flow to keep the greens … green! 

How to make your fresh produce last longer

If you’ve ever spent big bucks on fresh fruits and veggies only to have them go bad a few days later, you’re not alone. Keeping fruits and veggies fresh can be tricky, especially when the weather starts warming up. If you want to save money and keep your food fresh longer, check out a few of these tips for storing your favorite produce.

1. Bananas


Wrap ’em up. Cover the stems in plastic wrap to keep the natural gases emitted by bananas from browning the bananas too quickly. You can wrap the bunch together or break them apart or store them  individually, I have this banana box for my little one and it works wonders!!

2. Potatoes

Store your favorite starch with an apple. The natural ethylene gas in apples helps keep the potatoes from sprouting. 

3. StrawBerries,Amla, Jamun,other berries .

Wash your berries in 1 cup (240 ml) vinegar and 3 cups (700 ml) water before storing them. Make sure you dry them completely to keep mold and bacteria at bay. Store them in airtight containers in the fridge .

4. Tomato

If you want to keep your tomatoes fresh and tasty, keep them out of the refrigerator, according to Cosmopolitan. Store tomatoes on the counter so they ripen properly. If they still have stems, I would suggest  you store them stem side down (or cover the stems with scotch tape). 

5. Celery


Ditch the plastic your celery came in and wrap the bunch in tin foil. The foil makes it easier for natural gases to escape. Plastic bags keep the gases trapped in, which wilts your celery faster. 

6. Herbs, Curry leaves , Mint 

8 Vegetables That You Can Regrow Again And Again.

Stop tossing your herbs in the refrigerator. Grab a glass, fill it with water and put your fresh herbs on a windowsill. The cold temperatures of the fridge wilt your herbs and suck away flavor. When herbs start to go bad, chop them up, put them in an ice cube tray and cover with olive oil. Freeze until set. They’ll last for months this way! 

7. Mushrooms


Store your mushrooms in a brown paper bag. The bag helps keep your mushrooms dry and clean so they don’t get slimy. If they start to dry out, rinse them under water. 

8. Radishes

Chop them and store them in a bowl of water in the refrigerator to keep them fresh and crispy, it stays fresh upto 15 days !

9. Cheese

Rub the cut edges of your cheese with butter. This keeps hard cheese from drying out. 

10. Onions

Store onions in a cool, dry place. Lay them flat so they get good air circulation, so that the outer skins dry and don’t get moldy. 

11. Apples

Store apples in the refrigerator to make them last longer. They last up to three weeks in the fridge. Note: Keep these sweet treats away from other fruits and veggies because they release a ton of natural gas, which causes your other produce (except for potatoes) to ripen faster. 

12. Oranges

Store oranges at room temperature. Try a basket to allow air flow to circulate to keep your fruit juicy.

13. Lemons

Instead of cutting your lemons in half for a bit of juice, poke them with a skewer and use the juice you need. Then just store the lemon in the refrigerator. Cutting your lemon in half will make it dry out faster. 

14. Broccoli

Store your broccoli in the refrigerator, wrapped in plastic. Broccoli should last up to five days. 

15. Greens,Coriander leaves.


Store your lettuce and spinach in the veggie drawer, wrapped in plastic. Add a paper towel to absorb moisture. If your lettuce starts to wilt a bit early, soak it in ice water to revive the crispness. 

16. Avocado


Keep your avocados on the counter until ripe. This usually takes two or three days, depending on their state when you bought them. When they soften a bit, store them in the fridge to keep them from going bad. Preserve the tasty fruit by squeezing a bit of lemon on the exposed pulp if you need to store it. 

17. Spring onions 

8 Vegetables That You Can Regrow Again And Again.

You can significantly increase the shelf life of these onions by storing them in a jar of water on the counter. Snip away as you need (and they’ll keep growing in between!). 

What are some of your tricks for making your food last longer? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

1st Anniversary of The Messed up home !

They say that time flies when you’re having fun, and boy are “they” right! Exactly one year ago today, on 30 th June 2015, I hit that “publish” button on my very first blog post. Today, I’m taking you on a little trip down memory lane.

I almost don’t recognize that Prats from a year ago. She was fed up with her “real job”, ready to make a change, and terrified beyond belief that she would fail. She took a giant leap of faith that day… not knowing what would come of it. She wondered if this silly blog idea would be just another failure.

While I see traces of myself in her (the courage to go for it anyway, for example), I stand in awe of the transformation that she was about to go through.

Some days I wish that I could reach back in time and let her know that everything was going to be OK. The new-age mystic part of my brain tells me that maybe I did. Maybe “future me” was that nagging voice in my head back then that said “Prats! You need to do this! Get it out there !”

Either way, I’m happy that I pushed that button. I’m happy that I took that leap of faith, and jumped into a world that I knew nothing about. I’m happy that I stepped way out of my comfort zone and allowed myself to grow in ways that I never even knew was possible before.


A year  ago I logged on to and started a blog.

It sounds all-too-simple and kind of boring, but that’s exactly how this blog got started.

Actually, there is a little bit more of a backstory…I had heard about this “blogging thing” for sometime, and my interest was piqued.

I had dabbled in some guest posting over the previous year, but hadn’t yet started out on my own.

That attempt, along with the honest advice of an editor, set me off to work on something else which would spark my passion.

Now, I knew I wanted to have a little project all of my own, where I could use my organizational skills, be creative, have fun, and help people in the process.

Plus, I’d heard so much about this blogging thing.

And thus, The messed home  was born.

Who knew that a year later ,, I’d still be at it.

Here I am, finding myself celebrating a milestone of  1 year  blog anniversary, and having lots of wonderful readers from around the world.

It’s been an incredible ride thus far. I’m still in a bit of a haze when I stop to think, and remember that it has been a whole year since I’ve been blogging. Wow, that’s quite a chunk of time!

I’d like to extend a big thank you to my readers, followers, family, and friends. You have all helped me so much to make this blog what it is today.

Through your questions, comments, feedback, and support, I’ve steadily grown the blog, bit by bit. Thank you so much! It means a great deal to me, and I’m so glad I am able to help you, each and every day.

How Can I Help You?

Now, to mark this special occasion, I thought it would be fun to do a Q&A session with you, my dear readers! This is your chance to ask me anything about organization.

Do you have a question about how to organize your home, office, desk, calendar, closet, cabinets, anything else that comes to mind? Go ahead and ask away in the comments below; any and all organization questions are fair game.

Some of you may be new to the blog, and some of you have been with me for some time, perhaps even from the very beginning. You may have read certain organization posts, or topics, and you might have missed some, but, hey, that’s bound to happen when there’s a lot of Posts on the Messed up home

This Q&A session is an open one, please feel free to ask any organizing question that comes to mind in the comments at the bottom of the post. I’ll do my best to help. I’m looking forward to reading your questions. 🙂

Oh, and one last thing…if you like this site, please consider sharing it with others via social media, or perhaps share it with a friend who might find it interesting or helpful. Thanks!

How about you? What question or questions do you have for me when it comes to organizing? I’m here to answer your questions. Join the conversation and leave a comment below!



7 Weekly Cleaning Tasks made Easy Peasy!!!

When it comes to cleaning your place, a weekly schedule can help you get into a good routine to keep everything clean and avoid the build up of too much dust, dirt and grime. Making this into a family event will also make it easier. If you get the kids involved, and make it a little fun, you can teach them a truly valuable life lesson. 

1) Start with the Kitchen

In the kitchen, it pays to get the hardest jobs out of the way first. To keep your kitchen sparkling clean, stay up-to-date with these weekly tasks.

— Mop the floor.

— Clean the exteriors of appliances.

— Wipe the counters and cabinet doors.

— Scour and polish the sink

for more info on Cleaning checklist ,HERE .

2)Clean the Bathroom

When cleaning your bathroom, take time to give your fixtures a little TLC…Please !!

— Use general-purpose spray cleaners or mix vinegar and baking soda &  water to scrub your sink, toilet exterior, tub, and faucets.

— Use an antibacterial cleaner for heavy-duty disinfecting in the toilet bowl and baking soda paste on tough grime.

— Remember not to use abrasives on scratchable surfaces.


for more info on Cleaning checklist ,HERE .

3)Dust Furniture and Shelves

By eliminating dust, you’ll protect your furniture and improve your home’s air quality.

— Remove accumulated dust from furniture and other problem areas.

— For dusting, we love soft, non-scratching cloths that pick up and hold dirt.

— For fine wood furniture, use dusting cloths in place of silicone sprays.

FOR more Info on Cleaning checklist , HERE .

4)Shake or Vacuum Area Rugs

— Keep your large area rugs in tip-top shape by caring for them as you would wall-to-wall carpet.

— For small rugs that are difficult to vacuum, take them outside and shake them vigorously, or hang them over a clothesline and beat with a broom to remove dust and dirt.( BEAT IT LIKE U ARE FRUSTRATED ! YEAH GIRL REMOVE ALL YOUR FRUSTRATIONS HERE ) .

— Consult care labels for small rugs to determine whether they should be dry cleaned, spot cleaned, or laundered.

5) Mop Hard-Surface Floors

Mopping is one of the most inexpensive and effective ways to keep your home clean.

— Wet mops are used for scrubbing and for applying sanitizing solutions to bathroom and kitchen floors.

They work when pressed firmly to the floor and moved in long, overlapping strokes.

— When mopping, make sure to wipe up excess liquid because standing water can damage wood surfaces.

6)Change Bed Linens

We recommend changing and laundering sheets and pillowcases once a week.

— For even wear, rotate your sheets, storing fresh sheets at the bottom of the stack in your linen closet.

— For best results, wash your sheets in warm water and use non-chlorine bleach when needed.

— Wash all-cotton spreads, blankets, and coverlets in cold water to avoid shrinkage.


7)Sweep Front Entry and Steps

Don’t forget to give your entryways a little attention every week.

–Try using a utility broom to clean large areas that require heavy-duty sweeping such as decks, patios, and driveways.

–Use a classic, natural-bristle brush for general sweeping with a dustpan.

–Choose the best-quality broom to avoid bristles that shed when you sweep.

Steps to Properly Clean your Fridge .

Your refrigerator is one of the most valuable appliances that you own. But did you know the upkeep and cleaning that you should be doing to keep it safe and clean/ The fridge can be a haven for mold, mildew, odors and bacteria. You need to be vigilant in keeping rotten foods and spills cleaned up as soon as possible.

Caring for the Kitchen Workhorse

The refrigerator is one of the hardest working appliances in your home — and one that often takes a beating. It’s subject to spills, varied odors, and overcrowding, and it’s the one appliance that never gets a rest. A clean refrigerator promises to keep food fresher, so do your best to maintain the cleanliness of this kitchen workhorse.

Wipe Up Spills

Daily: Wipe up spills immediately, before they have a chance to dry. Make sure everything that goes into the fridge is immaculate; wipe off rims of jam jars, salad dressing bottles, and ketchup containers before storing them.

Check for Spoilage

Daily: Check for spoilage and throw out anything past its prime. Place anything likely to leak, such as defrosting meat or cartons of berries, on a rimmed plate.

Clean Doors

Weekly: Wipe doors, including edges, and top of refrigerator with a cloth dampened with mild dishwashing liquid and water. Pay special attention to the areas around the handles, which can harbor sticky fingerprints. For stainless-steel surfaces, use commercial stainless-steel spray and wipe in the direction of the grain.

Seasonally: Clean the door seals, which can collect crumbs, with hot water and mild dishwashing liquid. Dry thoroughly with a clean cloth. Check that seals fit properly.

Empty the Fridge

Seasonally: Turn off the power at the circuit breaker or fuse box and empty the fridge contents into a cooler. Bring glass shelves and crisper drawers to room temperature before you wash them.

Clean the Interior

Seasonally: Wipe the interior with a mix of 2 tablespoons baking soda and 1 quart hot water. Rinse with a damp cloth, then dry with a clean towel. This will clean as well as help to eliminate odors. Do not use soap or detergent, because they can leave behind a scent the food will absorb.

To remove caked-on residue, rehydrate by liberally applying the baking soda solution with a wet towel. Leave the door open, and let the residue soak in the solution for 10 minutes, or until it starts to crack or soften. Reapply if necessary.

Soak shelves and bins in a solution of 2 tablespoons baking soda for every liter warm water. Do not wash in the dishwasher, and dry thoroughly before replacing.

Keep Leftovers Airtight

Regular maintenance and storing leftovers in airtight containers are the best ways to prevent odors. Even so, you may still be plagued with smells from time to time. Try spreading a box of baking soda onto a rimmed baking sheet. Leave it inside with the door closed, until the smell goes away.


Eliminate Odors

Another method is to spread fresh coffee grounds on a tray inside, until the smell goes away. The lingering coffee scent will eventually disappear.

Or, place baking Soda   on a tray inside, with the fridge temperature set on “low.” for atlas 2 hrs

Thats All for this post

keep in touch for more tips each week !!!