An Organized Pantry

An organized pantry comes with plenty of upsides: you can save money because you’ll know exactly what you have in stock, you might be compelled to cook more, and you can stop any bugs  in their tracks by avoiding the sticky spills and stray crumbs when everything’s packaged and sealed in containers and bags. But if you haven’t given your pantry a good clean in months (or years!), it can be a daunting task.

Once upon a time , We had  a large pantry, but it still felt like I didn’t have enough room for all the food I was buying and it was disorganized and overflowing on the shelves. Everything was being piled on top of each other and I couldn’t find anything—I would buy things I already had because I couldn’t remember what was in there.

Since the main issue with my disorganized pantry was the overflowing bags of food, I took stock of the grains, nuts, and pasta bags in my pantry and placed them in clear food containers. My advice: Divide and conquer, and take your time. “If you aren’t sure about the size, buy one at a time to test out which sizes work for you before getting a large amount of containers,” Also  You can always add more later. I bought so many and it can add up cost-wise, but think of it as an investment since you can use it for years to come and it will help you stay organized.

The results made a big difference both in terms of space and money. I’ve actually gotten more free shelf space back because I can stack the containers on top of each other and in front of each other. I can fit three times as much food on one shelf, It’s great to be able to find what I’m looking for and now that I can see everything it inspires me to cook a variety of items. When I go grocery shopping, I can visualize the bins and what was low and needed to be replenished.

For more pantry organizing ideas, here are my  best tips:

1)Keep Things Within Reach 

Avoid having your family members mess up your painstakingly-organized pantry by making the most-used items easy to find on one shelf or area. Keep the items YOU  eat on a regular basis accessible so they don’t have to move things around! PERIOD !


2)Hang Stuff Up

Save shelf space by using an over-the-door hook to store lunch bags and soft coolers on the back of your pantry door, If you don’t have a door, you can put up temporary hooks on a blank wall to hang bags.

On a white tiled kitchen wall hangs a silver colored magnetic board with stainless cointainers with clear lids on it__20152_idsm01a_01_thumb_PH122242

3)Get Rid of Boxes

Save space by unboxing individually-wrapped items like flours and grains and gathering them in a cabinet space  marked ‘Grains ’ so you don’t have to tear apart the pantry to find them,


4)Use the Floor Space Wisely

Always keep food off of the floor,Use the floor of your pantry for appliances, pet food, extra containers, or beverage cans.

5)Pack Away Rarely-Used Utensils / appliances 

You probably aren’t going to use your grand moms  antique channel collection / or your rarely used fruit juicer —and if it’s taking up prime pantry real estate, you’ll want to find a new home for it in your kitchen. Store appliances you use infrequently in another closet, or up on the top shelf of your pantry.


I hope it inspires you!  Thanks so much for stopping by!  I would love for you to share this post and pin it below!

You guys are great, and please let me know any questions you may have!



Happy Monday !

Hope all of you had a great weekend ! We @TMH had a wonderful weekend with Father’s Day BBQ and the very first international yoga day in India !
Well, anyway this week we are gonna tackle the extra bedroom /craft room / home office room, whatever you may call it ! ( This week I will be posting a lot of posts for this room Particular so bear with me :))
It’s very difficult for me to tackle this room coz this room serves 3 in 1 for us ,craft room , home office and a guest room if need be ! It’s always a challenge for me and I dread the week I have to clean this room (arrgh)! You probably already know how challenging it can be to get a room intended to serve two purposes to do both things well. 
Cleaning the Craft Room / Closet :
• Sort: Working out what you have and sorting it into meaningful groups.
• Purge: Getting rid of the junk you don’t need.
• Assign: Setting a place to store the stuff you need to keep.When like items are grouped together, cleaning up is easier and little ones know where to return items.  Labeling is a good idea if you want items to be returned to ‘their spot’.
• Containerise: Acquiring suitable shelves, boxes or whatever to store the assigned items.
• Equalise: Setting aside regular time to maintain the system you’ve designed.

Organizing the Craft Room / Closet  : ( PRINTABLE HERE )

• Decluttering: When you first begin to organize your  room, eliminate old materials you are no longer interested in Keeping . By decluttering your Items or stuff in my case  materials, you will free up a lot more space to be efficiently organized.


• Project Area: Your room should have one central area where you can work on current projects. I don’t have one yet but then just starting BABY Steps!!
The  area should give plenty of workspace, and needed materials should be able to be temporarily stored nearby for whenever you have a moment to work on the project.
• Working Area ( I will have one soon ) : The table workspace area you use for ongoing projects is most efficient if everything is within easy reach. Tables shaped like a U, T, or L are most efficient and maximize your workspace and storage area. If you don’t have a shaped table, add on to a basic table with freestanding worktables or other surfaces that can be moved if necessary.( Right now My Dining table work for me but in a day or two I have an extra table to move in there !)
• Lighting: Natural light is most comfortable to work with, so choose a craft room with large windows or skylights and position your workspace area near the best light sources. 

• Labels: plastic bins and easy-to-read labels are perfect for crafters. Label all storage bins clearly,  I hand made Labels as Staples in Bangalore are Shutting down!! Or rather Dropping Dead !

• Immediate Access: If there are specific tools and materials that you use with most projects, such as scissors, a glue gun or a small sewing kit, they should be stored in an immediately accessible area.

Until Then Happy House Cleaning !!




I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!! If you guys are following the  messed up home weekly Cleaning challenges , this week we are moving into the Bathrooms ! Which room in the house do you least like cleaning?

Bet you said the bathroom. Cleaning showers, bathtubs, toilets and other surfaces of all sorts of buildup takes both time and elbow grease.  No wonder keeping the bathroom clean and organized can be such a challenge!  In an effort to keep our own lives decluttered, as well as lend a hand where needed, we’re stepping into the bathroom this week.

Have you ever notices how much stuff accumulates in the bathroom ? We do use a few products daily ,what about the products we bought for Costco or any other wholesale store ? we do have to organize the stuff that we have already bought and make space for it isn’t it? When I used to Shop at Costco few years ago I used to store all the stuff in cabinets under the sink ! i do not have pics of it now but everything was in its own place and not a mess at all! Now I don’t have the privilege to shop at Costco neither do i under the sink cabinets in my home !  SAD,But that doesn’t mean I  don’t have space to keep my stuff ,just became a little more creative !! LoL! Here is 10 steps of our weekly cleaning Challenges for the Bathrooms ,as you all know by now ,I have 4 bathrooms to deal with this week( Why oh why ) ,so

Each day I will tackle one bathroom ,but if you don’t have so many !(Lucky U) You can divide the tasks into smaller manageable chores each day ! So Here is Step by step Process how to clean your bathroom  , There is also a Printable Checklist to help you not to loose track!

Ultimate Bathroom Cleaning Checklist .

1.De- cluttering the Bathroom .

Do this step for the entire bathroom or  as you go. Remove all of your products from the shower or  bathtub area . Put all the  used towels and rugs outside the room and start a wash cycle of only these differently of course . Remove items from the counters  and keep them outside the room . If you have time then declutter and organize as you go ! Don’t forget to grab  the trash can and empty it !

2.  Shower and bathtub.

Fill the Bath tub with hot water ,If you don’t have a bath tub ,you must be having a bucket ! Fill the bucket with hot water add a few drops of detergent to it . Remove the shower curtains and liner and wash it according to the label on it . put the toilet cleaner in the toilet bowl now . Apply Homemade cleaner  to the shower tiles and the bathtub , if you clean regularly or an acid-based cleaner if you have serious buildup to your shower. Don’t forget the shower glass wall and door if any  and inside the shower door . Let it soak for atleast 30 minutes . tip: try dryer sheets to clean you shower glass walls.

3. Tackle  all other surfaces & Vanity area 

Meanwhile Spray the all-purpose cleaner on to your backsplash , sink area , counter tops everywhere u need to clean  and wipe down any towel racks, shelves, baseboards, doors, blinds and windowsills. Work in sections from the top of the room to the bottom, and left to right, if your door is on the right  , and right to left if your door is on the left ! Spray faucets and countertops, then wipe with a clean cloth. If you have buildup in the sink or in a soap dish, use a scrubby  green sponge to loosen before wiping clean. Use the glass cleaner on your mirror. A cloth dampened with water will remove dust from cabinet faces.

4. scrub & Disinfect  the shower and bathtub.

At this point, the cleaner will have done much of the work for you, allowing you to lightly scrub away loose dirt and buildup. Get all walls, floors and other surfaces clean before rinsing.

5. Finish & Polish the shower and bathtub.

Replace all items you removed, wiping them if necessary as you go, then close the shower curtain or door. If you do have a shower door, spray glass cleaner  or wipe down with a news paper to give it a streak-free finish.

6. Clean the toilet.

If you scrub inside your toilet regularly, the toilet  cleaner should get the job done. Sprinkle the toilet  cleaner if buildup exists, then scrub with a toilet brush before flushing. Spray the outside of  toilet with the all-purpose cleaner, then wipe with a clean cloth. tip : if your toilet has rings use  a Pumice stone .

7. Dust and sweep.

To get rid of dust, work from top to bottom !! grab your duster with a long handle to remove any cobwebs in corners, on light fixtures or in vents. If you still can’t reach the cobwebs, pull in a stepladder to get up high. Once done, sweep or vacuum the floors to pick up hair and other debris that may have accumulated on the floors.

8. Mop the floor.

 Fill your bucket with hot water and cleaning solution ,Submerge your mop into the bucket of cleaning solution, squeeze out excess water, then clean the bathroom floor. Once dry, replace the trashcan and your freshly laundered rugs.

9. Organize 

Organize  your bathroom  , Its always good to have a Organized Bathroom , Rather than a messy one !

10. Decorate 

A Well Decorated Bathroom always is Pleasing to the eye !  It need not be very Expensive just few simple things can change how the way your bathroom looks ! The above can help you clean your bathroom fast and efficiently, as can keeping it tidy between cleanings.  Follow these tips simplify your life too.

  • .Install a hair-catcher in your drain to avoid buildup. When water doesn’t drain as it should, it leaves behind an ugly ring around the shower or bathtub.
  • I f you are like me every night before i go to sleep I put the toilet bowl cleaner stuff to the toilets which i don’t plan to use that night , so in the morning its easy for Swish andFlush !

A Slight Change this week I will keep on Posting things about bathroom Cleaning and Organization throughout the week with pics , as I also have to do the same tasks as you ,So if you have any pics I would love to see how the progress is !! 


Dishwasher Cleaning

how to clean a dishwasher ?

dishwasher final

Who the hell wants to clean a dishwasher!!!! ( Squirming inside) ,

Aren’t these machines supposed to be cleaning our Dishes ? Well if the dishwasher  cleans your dirty dishes doesnt it sometimes  need a bath too?

Most of us don’t think about the cleaning the dishwasher on a monthly basis. If it doesnt clean well only then we take a look under the hood ! Believe me you must be thinking about when you last cleaned your dishwasher .

Well Debris and gunk get deposited over a period of time and then they reduce the performance of the dishwasher . According to most manuals (that book thingy that come with the dishwasher we never check!!!) you are supposed to clean your dishwasher atleast once in 6 months.

 My Dishwasher is fairly new (3 years old), so it really wasn’t that bad ,May be in the next 3 months when i do the deep cleaning part ,then i may update the pics 🙂

If you are adding Dishwasher cleaning in your routines , add it to the MONTHLY ROUTINES !

Well anyways this Cleaning challenge will take only 15 minutes or at the max 30 minutes 

so here goes, 

Task- Dishwasher cleaning 

Challenge task – Monthly or Bi – Monthly 

Time – 15 -30 minutes

 Materials Needed;

White Vinegar


Tooth Brush ( old)


Hand Sanitizer 

Kitchen cleaner spray ( home made )

Kitchen Cleaning  Rags 

 For First Timers only  – Deep Clean your Dishwasher 

       Deep Cleaning Method 

Step 1.- Empty the Dishwasher.

    Really Empty the Dishwasher to the last utensil . how can you clean the dishwasher if its not empty !

final dw

Step 2.-Remove the Racks.

  Fill your Kitchen sink with hot water  half way through , then add Vinegar and some drops of dishwashing liquid .

Remove all the Racks of the Dishwasher and then place them in the hot water , let them soak for half hour .

Step 3. – Check the Spinning arms and the filter.

 Check the water spouts / twirly things to make sure that all the holes are not clogged up , the holes are on the arms ,they are TINY! Use your Tweezers to remove gunk from the holes. ( do not Damage it , do it SLOWLY), check the filter ,If it looks like this pic below , then soak them in the hot water.

dishwasher 4 

Step 4.-Wipe down .

dishwasher 6   

I didn’t remove the racks for the pic coz i had just cleaned it the night before .

Wipe around the walls of the dishwasher with the kitchen Cleaner Spray or if your dishwasher is stainless steel then spray the insides of the dishwasher with vinegar water solution and then wipe them down through the walls and the floor and all ( DO NOT USE BLEACH FOR STAINLESS STEEL INTERIORS)

STEP 5 .- Clean the rust.

Dishwashers generally are rust free unless you have a very old dishwasher , just incase you have rust build up on the dishwasher ,then vinegar solution will clean them off but it requires a little more good old Elbow grease . The door and the sealant needs to be cleaned with a tooth brush and a damp cloth as they don’t get washed during the  wash cycles .

Step 6.- Rinse and Replace. 

 Now that you have cleaned the entire dishwasher insides , its time to replace all the racks and the filter , check the salt container if you have any . and fill up the Rinse aid compartment .

its time to enjoy the fruits of your labour !

 Enjoy it you deserve it !!

dishwasher 6

1.  Use the Dishwasher Regularly so it Eliminates the need for cleaning the dishwasher .Occasionaly run it on an empty on water saving cycle with a bowl of vinegar in it .

2.  Regularly clean the outsides of the dishwasher so it looks clean most of the times.

small tip ( try cleaning it with handsanitizer on a damp towel, I promise it looks good )

dishwasher final

3.   Also, run the hot water in your sink so it will be at full temperature when you start the dishwasher You can keep the initial run for watering houseplants). This step is unnecessary, though, for a dishwasher with a built-in water heater.

4 .  Deep clean your dishwasher at least once every six months so it runs smooth !!

Do you have more tips on Running or cleaning you r dishwasher please share them with me ! you know I am always up for learning a new thing !

Until then Happy cleaning !


This weeks cleaning challenge is the KITCHEN. (June 8- June 12)

Most  often when someone  started cooking a  dinner for your family only to realize they  don’t have exactly what they need to be able to prepare the  meal? 

From simple things like a sauce pan to the less common things such as a garlic press, it’s easy to miss some of the important kitchen tools we need.

My  CLEANING and ORGANIZING CHALLENGE  is to take a quick glance through our cabinets and drawers and see what tools you are missing.


Spend just a few minutes and make a wish list of the things you want/need!   When you first start decluttering, cleaning, and organizing your Rooms , you are encouraged to spend 15 minutes per day Cleaning  in the kitchen this week .


All Most Morning’s This is what I wake up to !!!

That’s it — step 1. Clear out those things that you don’t use or love. At the same time  don’t forget to keep working Daily routines — do them everyday! (See the Daily routines for more information about this.)

Once you have a good start on your routines, it is much easier to do the weekly challenges work. So this week we will be doing the Kitchen & Dining Room .

Kitchen cleaning supplies ( credit – Martha Stewart)

□ All-purpose household cleaner
□ Baking soda
□ Fresh sponges and older, used sponges for cleaning the oven
□ Glass cleaner
□ Kitchen brushes: pot and pan scrubbers; bottlebrushes
□ Microfiber cloths
□ Mild abrasive cleanser
□ Mild dishwashing liquid
□ Paper towels
□ Rubber gloves
□ Scouring pads
□ Stainless steel, copper, and aluminum cleaners and polish
□  Old Toothbrush
□ White vinegar


MONDAY – Take 15 minutes and scrub your stove top! Soak the knobs and drip pans in hot soapy water while you clean the stove top. Some elbow grease and hot soapy water will take care of a lot! Don’t become a perfectionist and try to get it as clean as the day it was new. Just do the best you can and then scrub the drip pans and knobs. Don’t scrub the knobs so hard that the numbers and words scrub off! and Disinfect the sink , mainly SHINE YOUR SINK

! IMG_5971

TUESDAY – Today we wipe down the doors of our cabinets. Use a damp rag and wipe down the fronts and the edges of your cabinets. This is really a simple thing to do but we have a tendency to ignore the cabinets because there is always so much more going on in the kitchen. Finger prints and grease attach themselves to the cabinets and make them a little sticky. A good thorough cleaning and organizing inside the cabinets is also  a very good idea !! A good wipe down will make such a difference. Small little tasks that add up to a shiny kitchen .

breakfast cabinet     cabinets spices2

WEDNESDAY–  Inspect fridge. Take an inventory of your fridge contents and throw out any food that is spoiled or past its “use by” date. (Condiments, too.) When you store leftovers, be sure to write the date on a sticky label that will adhere to the  Containers. Give the fridge a thorough cleaning . and once you are done with cleaning organize the fridge , for example below pic .


THURSDAY –Today we  clean out under our sink! All the almost empty containers, the old nasty sponges,the grocery bags, the cleaners that we don’t use, the empty jars, the clutter that just seems to pile up under the sink. You all know exactly what I am talking about! IMG_5971 shine your sink and lay down a fresh dish towel for the next day !!

FRIDAY–  ORGANIZE YOUR KITCHEN .I have no idea of how you can organize the kitchen accordingly but here is my small postage stamp size kitchen pic and thats how I organize ! IMG_5803

For the most part, these extra chores can be done in addition to your regular dishes and surface cleaning. That said, some tasks will require more time than others.

Remember some nights you’ll order in and dishes will be slim or you won’t eat at home at all. Those are the nights to tackle large things if you need to swap out a chore.

If you have a small postage stamp size kitchen lke mine,then there’s a few things you can do on the same day. 

I Basically do everything in one day now that I am used to the Routines from last 7 years , and i have a tiny kitchen , so do everything in one day and then organize one cabinet , one shelf , one drawer a day , the choice is yours to make ! hope you find this post useful.

𝒰𝓃𝓉𝒾𝓁 𝓉𝒽𝑒𝓃 𝐻𝒶𝓅𝓅𝓎 𝐻𝑜𝓊𝓈𝑒𝒞𝓁𝑒𝒶𝓃𝒾𝓃𝑔 !!!