What I’m about to say may shock you. Please prepare yourself. Sit down if you must.

Here it is: I Hardly clean my bathroom. (Gasp!) “How can that be?!?” “She cleans & Posts about it and moreover gives Gyaan( advice) on this topic for hours !!!!!” “How could she have a nasty bathroom?!?”

Let me first start by saying, it’s not what you think. My bathroom is not nasty. There’s no mold growing in it, no soap scum hardened on the shower walls, no ring in the toilet even. It’s not spotless, but it’s pretty damn  clean. How can this be considering I just told you I never clean it? 

Simple: I don’t let it get dirty.

I can hear you  Saying “ Scum  , Duh ! Dork” now. But before you make any wild assumptions like, “She must just never shower !”LOL !!

Consider this:

 What if there were 3 things you could do that would take less than 3 minutes a day but would keep your bathroom so clean that you’d never have to  deep Clean & scrub it again? 

Would you want to know what those 3 things are?

 Would you do them on a regular basis to prevent ever having to get out the harsh chemicals and scrub brushes?

 If you are saying yes (or nodding), then this Post  is for you!! 

Get out your rubber gloves, muster up some elbow grease, and celebrate with Wine !! at the end of the day !  that this will be the last time you’ll ever scrub that room!

Tip #1: Keep Things Put Away

The first step in keeping any area of your home permanently CLEAN is to cut down on the CLUTTER.


This is especially true in the bathroom because of its small size and the amount of grime that can happen in there.

 Having surfaces covered in bottles, makeup, hair tools, toothbrushes etc !! you get the point ! It will not only make it seem dirty, but it will actually make it harder for you to keep clean.

TRY to have near-empty surfaces in your bathroom. 

Have a home for everything behind closed doors in a vanity or cupboard. 

As a side note, shoving things into a drawer or into a cabinet is not considered a “HOME” for your items. 

Your goal is to have an actual space, preferably labeled, where each item is always kept. 

I don’t have a labeler here in India but I do have a pretty good handwriting !! ( DIY Post coming soon).

Tip #2: Keep “Tools” Where You Use Them


Having a tool to clean when you need it is half the battle.

rules Bathroom

 Win the war on bathroom grime by keeping some cleverly-disguised tools at hand. The first tool is obvious: a toilet brush. Keep one in each bathroom. Unfortunately, there’s no real way to make a toilet brush look like anything other than a toilet brush, but you can get ones that are hidden or small. 

If you get a smaller one, you can likely stash it behind your toilet where no one else can see it, but you know it’s there.

 Or, you can get a bigger one that comes in its own hiding container. Get whichever your prefer, just put one in each bathroom.

Most mornings, you need to fly out of the bathroom, so having everything readily available is key. Instead of rummaging through a dopp kit for your daily makeup, arrange everything on a small tray atop a counter.

 This way, you’ll have all your trusty magic items  at hand, (And when you’re not using those items, stow the tray in a drawer.) 

Separate all other cosmetics by category (lip colors, shadows, blushes, etc.) and store them in containers that fit in the drawer. 

This will help you to see all your options at a glance―and encourage you to use them. Whether you repurpose pretty tins or purchase new boxes, they should be shallow enough so you can rest the daily-makeup tray on them and still shut the drawer.( Even Better Idea I have put them in a basket , Will Post pics later )

Tip #3: Clean Before it Gets Gross


Now that you have your surfaces clear and your tools where you need them, the rest is a snap! The toilet brush that’s in each bathroom is no longer used for scrubbing the toilet. You are actually just going to swish the water around, focusing on the water line.

You won’t even need toilet bowl cleaner! Pick a morning each week to do this, and you will never have to scrub the toilet bowl again. Yes, there might be a few spots that need a little extra attention or a spritz of cleanser, but for the most part it’s just a few moments of swishing.

 Then, grab one of those conveniently-placed flushable wipes( DIY Post soon ), and run it over the lid, seat, and base of the toilet bowl. In less than 90 seconds, your toilet is clean.

So what do you think? Still doubt that you can have a perpetually clean bathroom in less than 3 minutes a day (and save a ton of cash on harsh cleaning chemicals)? 

Take the Messed up home’s  Bathroom Challenge and find out for yourself.!! I promise you these 3 tricks will make your life much simpler and easier !!