About The Messed Up Home

Hi all,

I am  PRATS , married to a wonderful man  and mom to the most amazing little girl !

This blog is all about efficiency, organization, productivity, routines, and time management …with a few other things thrown in here and there! 🙂
I really am addicted to organizing and cleaning the stuff around my home . What I love most about organizing is the “high” I get from it so I am always looking for my next ” Fix”.
 Sometimes we just need to organize our thought process! If you ever feel anxious, overwhelmed, or like you just can’t get things under control, CHAOS ( Cant Have Anyone Over Syndrome)types,
this blog is about  eliminating and simplifying things and how to manage our time better.
 The messed up home  is not necessarily an organizing website, but it will have lots of inspiration and tips on how to de-stress and stay focused, which definitely leads to more productivity!
I am working out a plan for organizing my  life and have  been taking steps to achieve it ever since! My main focus would be  on meal planning, finances, scheduling, and cleaning systems.

So enjoy your time with me as I go through my life and make my world a better place to live in !!


4 thoughts on “About The Messed Up Home

  1. Page Berse says:

    I could use some tips on time management for sure. I reslly struggle with keeping things flowing in the home
    This is a perfect platform for me the scattered entrepreneur.


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