Some Hither Tither hacks for your house …

There are hundreds of ideas, tips and tricks to help you keep your home and outdoor areas clean and tidy. Each area of your home has some of it’s own circumstances that require different tips to help them get and stay clean.

Staying clean and organized can be a job and a half! Keeping up with everyday cleaning tasks is tough, and once you start drifting behind, you can really fall back in your household schedule.These quick household tips will help you to minimize your time and effort and maximize your results in every room of your house!

Living Room

This is a difficult spot in your house to keep clean because it’s so central. Clutter accumulates regularly from a lot of different sources. These tips will help you get things back under control.

Clear the clutter first. Especially if you have kids, all kinds of random items are going to pile up in the living room. Grab a laundry basket or a large plastic bin and start by collecting all the loose random items. Deal with it later , for now its out of sight ,Out of Mind .

Have houseplants with dusty leaves? Grab a banana and eat it and keep the skin. Use the skin to clean the leaves. The dust will stick right to it, and the juice is healthy for the plants.

Want to shine up your wood with a quick and easy home mixture? Never mind furniture polish. Just grab some olive oil and lemon juice and mix them in a 2:1 ratio. Go over your wood surfaces with it and your furniture will shine.

If you look inside your vases and find they are full of dirt, you can clean them out by filling them with vinegar. Add a handful of dry rise, and swish the vases around. Pour everything out, and they should be significantly cleaner inside. A very cool little trick.

Regularly open and close window blinds or curtains, even if you would prefer to just keep them closed all the time. Doing this will help to dispel dust and will make them easier to keep clean over time.



Keep your cling film in the fridge. A lot of people find it much more cooperative and easier to use when it is cold.

Fingerprints all over your stainless steel appliances? Put a little baby oil on a clean, soft cloth, and run it over the surfaces. Those prints should lift right off.

Grease buildup on top of your cabinets? You need to keep the tops of your cabinets clean, but thankfully you don’t have to look at them. That makes this an easy problem to solve. If you line the tops of your cabinets with newspaper, you can protect them from grease.

Tired of your salt lumping together and getting hard inside the salt shaker? Here’s a trick you may recognize from restaurants you have been to. Just add a few grains of rice. Rice is amazing at absorbing moisture, and will keep the salt dry. This keeps it from lumping.

Get rid of those annoying stains on the bottom of your mug from tea or coffee by swishing some white vinegar inside. This is similar to the vase cleaning trick I shared for the living room.

Baking soda is not only great for getting rid of foul odors in your fridge, but in other spots in the kitchen too. In fact, if you just sprinkle a little bit at the bottom of your trash bin before you put the next bag in, it will prevent odors!



Source :BHG

Install hooks for towels. If you don’t have enough room for all your towels on your towel racks, mounting hooks is fast and easy and will provide you with the additional space you need.

Keep your old toothbrushes. They are great for a million purposes in and out of the bathroom. Use them to clean grout in the bathroom or kitchen. They are also handy for cleaning jewelry, and much, much more.

Unwrinkle clothing while you shower. Okay, so technically this is a laundry tip, but it’s one you do in the shower. Hang wrinkled clothes while you are showering, and the steam will loosen them out. They’ll look great when you are done!

Quickly rinse the doors and tiles in your shower after you’re done. Get the soap off the walls, and you will prevent soap scum.

Try scrubbing your faucets off using toothpaste. You can use one of those old toothbrushes mentioned earlier for this. Rinse them off and they should have a nice new gleam.

Like listening to music on your phone  while you are showering? If your sink is dry, it makes an excellent amplifier. If you’re still worried about it, put it inside a Ziploc bag. ( personal Fav)



Seasonal clothing, blankets, and accessories can also be moved to a storage area off-season. That means items like scarves, gloves, and heavy clothes during the summer, and items like light summery clothing during the wintertime.

If your closet has just a single bar for hanging clothes, you are probably having a hard time keeping neat and organized. Consider buying a closet organizer which you can use to add additional bars and shelves. This is a great way to maximize your space, and many closet organizers are surprisingly cheap.

Make sure that your longer clothes are grouped together (i.e. long pants, dresses, skirts) and are separate from your shorter hanging clothes (i.e. tops, shorts, shorter skirts). This frees up room underneath the shorter hanging attire.

Think about rolling shirts in drawers. Folding them keeps them flat, but it is hard to keep them nice and neat. Rolling can actually be more efficient. It’s fast and easy, and does a great job maximizing space.(personal Fav)

Laundry Room


Regularly clean out your washing machine. Why? If you use a lot of detergent, you are going to get a buildup of soap scum over time. This stuff can get into your pipes. Run an empty cycle now and again with just a cup of white vinegar. This will help to remove soapy residue from your pipes.

Have rust stains on white cotton? You can scrub with lemon juice and salt before throwing it in the wash, and the stains should come out.

While sorting out your laundry, toss small items like socks, underwear, and tights inside different pillowcases. This saves you from having to sort them out later, and will prevent you from losing socks.

Hither Tither Run for shelter tips 🙂

If you break a dish and the fragments scatter everywhere, you can pick them up quickly, safely, and easily using a ball of Play-Doh. The shards will embed inside, and then you can throw them away.

Run the clock and figure out how long your various household chores actually take. You will likely find they take less time than you think. This will make it easier to commit to doing them in the future.

Look for ways to multitask. Clean the shower while you’re taking a shower. Soak dishes in the sink while you are eating dinner. Cut back on the time you spend cleaning and it will be easier to keep up.

Coffee grounds are another great way to dispel bad odors and replace them with good odors. A bowl of grounds smells great wherever you put it, and is especially helpful in the fridge.

Thinking of doing a complete makeover of a room in your house? Always take a picture first. It will be amazing to see how you have progressed. Once you are organized, take another photo. Don’t just keep it as documentation. 

Tack it to your wall or put it somewhere else handy. When the room starts looking different from what you have in the picture, it may be time to clean up again. Spot the differences and you will immediately see what is out of place.


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