Ewww! Clutter !

Clutter can be a devastating thing for some people. The stress and anxiety people develop over clutter in their homes, work and lives, can cause adverse health issues. Did you know that clutter affects women differently than men? The take away from this is to understand that you need to deal with the clutter in your life before if causes you personal issues:(

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Why Decluttering Your Home Can Make Your Life Better!!

Yep, decluttering your home could have a profound and uplifting effect on your life and even your bank account. But you don’t have to take my word for it. These five eye-opening clutter facts reveal why a tidy home could change your life for the better.

Fact: Clutter is Picking Your Pockets!

pinIs your refrigerator covered with stuck-on-stuff like magnets, schedules and photos? Then welcome to the clutter bug club, which includes many of you.

A study by anthropologists reported that the average  fridge around the world  has around 52 different items plastered to it, and if yours is junked up, it’s a reliable sign that the rooms you use daily in your home are cluttered. And that’s bad news for your bank account.

The same study also revealed that clutter is connected to buying more stuff than you use, which contributes big to those disorderly junk taking up space in your life !

Fact: Clutter Can Ruin Your Career.


Do you have piles of stuff cluttering your office?  Well, those stacks of files and discarded takeout cups may have cost you a job promotion. And it seems well-founded. A recent survey revealed that a whopping 77 percent said that their office clutter reduced their productivity. Another 50 percent agreed that their untidy office slashed motivation levels while also doing a number on their state of mind.

Fact: Clutter Can Bust Up Your Marriage.


Now there’s scientific proof that a messy home is truly a bummer — especially for women.

A study by the University of California revealed that while women’s stress hormones spiked when dealing with clutter, their male counterparts didn’t.

What gives this away ?

The study’s findings suggest that men and women view clutter differently.

For women, an uncluttered household is one that’s also successful and happy. For men, the accumulation of stuff is a source of pride even if it’s all kept in disorderly heaps.

It’s no wonder why two recent surveys concluded that clutter has become one of biggest conflicts at home for couples.

Fact: You Have More Closet Space Than You Think??

confettiThink you got nothing to wear? Then your closet may be busting at the seams with ill-fitting clothing. A whopping 80 percent of the stuff we wear come from a mere 20 percent of our wardrobe.

And in case you are holding onto to clothes that you think will fit better once you lost a few pounds, consider this. Our body weight can move around from year to year, so even if you dropped the weight, some of your clothing might not work for your current body type.

Now do yourself a big favor. You can make room for clothing that will look great on you now by donating the stuff that doesn’t fit.

Fact: A Cluttered Desk May Boost Creativity But at a Cost????????

Einstein’s desk was always a cluttered mess. Did his untidiness fuel his creativity? Maybe.

A scientific study by researchers at the University of Minnesota revealed that clutter can boost creative thinking and inspire new ideas. However, they noted a few downsides.

People in messy workspaces were less generous than those in clean ones. They also made unhealthy food choices.

And in case you believe that random mess on your desk means you’re super gifted, sorry!

A genius’s mess is methodical, not haphazard.

That’s all folks , Writing this post made me realize small stuff do matter in the long period of time frame !



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