8 Effortless ways to get Organized

It’s obviously not your desire, capability, or common sense that prevents you from finally decluttering your home β€” it’s the effort that’s often the major roadblock. Here’s how to change your habits and organize your space so it starts doing the work for you:


1. Label everything, even if it seems like overkill & overRated !Β 

If your organizing efforts just aren’t transferring to the rest of your family, put the answers to their storage questions right in front of their faces. “Labels help everyone in your household know where things go, and also impart a sense of responsibility on each family member to put things back,”Β  A label is a subtle, but clear nudge toward tidiness all over your house.


2. Pair decluttering with a habit you never skip.

Creating new habits is tough, but this trick can help you succeed. “For example, if you always take out the trash on Tuesday nights, start doing a little decluttering before or afterward,”Β  Eventually, it will feel weird to do one task without the other, and your tidying-up efforts will become second-nature.


3.Β MakeΒ Β the “drop zone.”

If you find your flat surfaces filling with clutter, it’s time to designate a spot for everything coming into your home. Once you get the hang of it, the piles will disappear.Β AΒ dedicated spot for everyday items is the stop gap that prevents your entire home from eventually looking like a tornado hit it.

The drop zone I am referring to is a recent trend in home organizing. Also called a β€œdrop spot,” this is a shelf,Β table, or other fixture located right in the entryway, and it is replacing mudrooms in many houses.

An entryway offers a home’s first impression, but it’s often covered with coats, backbacks, shoes and more. The solution? “Rearrange the coat closet in the entryway where kids can hang things,Or put a basket by the door to toss shoes inside. If the shoes can just make it inside, it can make a huge difference.”

( I have a bench at the entry way of my house so thats my drop Zone ) .as simple as that .

4. Where there’s a pile, there should be a bin.

The truth is that your clutter probably won’t ever completely go away. But, a well-placed container makes even the most random collection looks much neater, and forces you to corral unwieldy items.

“Even junk drawers need a bit of structure, “With boxes or drawer dividers, there’s no place to dump things that don’t belong.”

Throwing your stuff in a box or drawer doesn’t make it organized. “Every drawer, cabinet and shelf is a container, but consider taking it a step further by using additional containers within those storage areas to organize your things even more. Use bins, baskets, cups, tin cans, stackable bins and dividers to help keep your items better contained and visually appealing”


5. Block potential messes with something pretty.

Since it’s often too easy to just throw things anywhere, flip the script and make it harder to cause a pile-up. “Place a plant, a figurine, or a framed photo on your side tables, or add a table runner or centerpiece to a dining room table,”

When an item’s dedicated spot is the only place you can actually put it down, you don’t have to think about it, and tidying up becomes automatic.


This lamp is next to the Bench at the door way so all eyes go to the lamp n not to the bench πŸ™‚

6. Assign each family member a bin.

As you’re noticing random items piling up around the house, it can be easier to sort them first by person than figure out exactly where they go, It’s a low-effort intermediary system that helps you tidy up quickly. And when your husband or kids are hunting for their stuff or have more time to put them away, they know exactly where to look first.

7. Get some hooks, stat.

If we had to give an organizer the “most valuable” award, the humble hook would be a strong contender for the win – and many of the professional organizers we’ve spoken to totally agree. They’re just insanely easy to use – no opening drawers, stuffing bins, or pulling out hangers. You’re going to put your stuff down somewhere, and a hook is just as easy a spot as the back of a chair or the floor (but looks much neater)..

8. Make putting things away as easy as possible.

This seems like a no-brainer, but the way homes are often designed (closets at the end of a hall, shelves stacked only in the basement) place stored items in one big pile, far away from where we actually use them.

“Your storage system needs to be handy and logical,For instance, store school supplies near where your kids do their homework. If they have to raid Dad’s office every time they need a pencil sharpener or Scotch tape, it’s not likely the items will get put back.”

Here are some of the Tips & Tricks I use Daily thought U guys will love it too ..

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