March is here !!

How do you make the most of each month? 

If you, like Me , find it difficult to find the time to get everything done, you’re not alone. So I’m  trying to make it easier for you  and for me with simple suggestions for getting the most out of every month.

March  is  here!  For us at the messed up home means this month we are celebrating Birthdays Plenty of birthdays this month for us here  !!  Yes, U read that right ! Just CELEBRATING  all month along !  

To keep you on-track, I’ll remind you of each week’s assignment on the Web, and via my Facebook  feeds.

Finally, it’s more fun to follow the Monthly  Challenge with a team, so check in for the challenge . With links to weekly assignments, daily messages and printables, it’s Challenge Central as we work together toward a clean and organized home.

Ready? Set? Let’s clean house for the month of march !

March Printable calendar 2016-calendar-editable-MarchScreen Shot 2016-03-01 at 9.30.27 AM


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