How to clean a House ……

How to keep a house clean….

When I first started a few years ago , I was forever making up lists and methods to keep track of everything from organization to daily routines. I had notebooks and files and all sorts of systems involving complicated color coding and chore tracking devices. The problem was, once I would get the systems all set up, I would fail miserably at using them.

I had made housekeeping more complicated than it needed to be. I felt like I was always behind and my house seemed on the verge of chaos.

In my constant struggle  to live life more fully, I’m always evaluating and re evaluating  things I want to include  into my life and what things I DON’T want.

I want to have a beautifully decorated, clean and organized home, but there are other things in life that are important to me too.

 I want my home to be in order so I am free to have  relationships and enjoy living, but I don’t want to be a slave to my housekeeping routines.

So, how do I balance it all? I keep it simple.

Over the years I’ve found I can focus on four basic housekeeping routines that work for me, and I’m sticking to them. I can add other things, of course, but these are the tried and true basics. Some I learned from Flylady, some were ideas from other sites  I read as a young mom and many are just my own ways of doing things. 

By breaking it down and doing what works for me, I feel I can manage my life, instead of my house taking over my life.

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Here is what I FOCUS on every day:


I have found that having a regular morning routine works best for me. This involves at the very least: some quiet time, not making the bed, taking a shower (hanging up my towel when I am done, of course!), putting on very simple makeup and getting dressed right down to my shoes. I always toss in a load of laundry as I am getting dressed. I find if I start out the day with those few things, I am ready for anything and feel energized to tackle my day! 


I learned the Fly lady system back when my daughter  was born. I was taking care of her and shifted into a new house . All that and working part-time!

 Fly lady to the rescue! She broke it down for me and I listened: clean and shiny sinks, always. Interestingly, it was the same exact advice my mom taught me as a young girl!

I follow this principle both in our bathrooms and the kitchen. Something about striving for that shiny sink keeps me from letting dirty dishes pile up in the kitchen and icky stuff like hair and spit discouraging me every time I pass through the bathroom.


Since the beginning of our marriage, my husband and I have utilized what we call “cleaning frenzies” to give our home a quick clean up every day. A cleaning frenzy might last ten minutes or even up to an hour. But everyone participates, including the 3 of us . We run around picking things up, putting things back, and generally tidying things up.Sometimes we focus on one room; sometimes it is an entire house frenzy. Sometimes it is a task frenzy, like dusting or cleaning all toilets! It works like a charm to make a big impact in a short period of time. Even one “10-minute cleaning frenzy” a day keeps the frustration away.


Every night, almost without fail, we clean the kitchen. We put away dishes, load the final dishwasher load of the day, wipe off counters, and polish up the sink. There is nothing like waking up to a clean kitchen to make your day feel less overwhelming from the start.



If I Have My Basic Routines Down, My Home Stays “Clean Enough” Most Of The Time. Keeping Up On Things Means I Rarely Feel Overwhelmed By All That Needs To Be Done! When My Home Is Maintained On A Daily Basis, It Is Really Easy To Add In A Few Extra Tasks Now And Then To Really Shine Things Up Or Get Things Organized.


But If I Let My Daily Routines Go, My House Soon Spirals Out Of Control. My House Isn’t Perfect By Any Means, But I Am Ok With That. It Is Clean Enough! I’m Sticking To My Tried And True Basics. No More Complicated Chore Charts For Me! I Promise, My Four Daily Routines Work!

What are your tried and true routines? What is your biggest area of frustration in keeping your house clean?


Neat freak Tips

If you’ve ever been inside the home of a neat freak, you were probably in awe of the sheer perfection of the place.

Books lined up systemically, shoes in a perfect stack, and a remarkable shine from floor to ceiling.

  1. If you have aspirations of becoming a neat freak, or at least picking up a few tricks of the cleaning trade, look no further than these helpful tips below.
  2. Sort your bookshelf alphabetically or by cover color.
  3. Always store refrigerator food in the appropriate compartments. 
  4. Make your bed every morning. 
  5. Eliminate clutter. 
  6. Give your items a “home.” Designate a place where the keys go, where spare towels are stored, where sunglasses are kept, and don’t deviate from this system so that you always know where everything is. 
  7. Clean your fridge weekly. Throw out anything past its date, and use anything that is almost expired. 
  8. Make to-do lists, schedules, and charts. For everything. 
  9. Buy or make drawer dividers so that your underwear and socks do not cross the line into each other’s territory.
  10. Follow the “something in, something out rule” — if you get something new, something old that you don’t use anymore has to go. 
  11. Containers are your best friends — use them excessively. 
  12. Make cleaning enjoyable. Pick out cleaning products you like, turn on music while you work, or clean when you’re stressed so that you feel accomplished. 
  13. Organize your bathroom, and maintain your system on a daily basis.
  14. Always take out recycling and garbage the minute it is full or begins to smell, instead of waiting until it is overflowing or unbearably smelly. 
  15. Store up, not out. Buy or build shelves instead of stuffing items into closets or under the bed.
  16. Never leave dishes unwashed in the sink. Do them as soon as you’re done using them, or put them in the Dishwasher .
  17. Organize your pantry by food group or type (all cereals and snacks on one shelf, all cooking oils and spices on another shelf, for example). 
  18. Dust the house from top to bottom weekly; do it more if you have pets that shed!
  19. Vacuum after you dust. Empty and clean out your vacuum bag if it needs it.
  20. Store clothing in drawers based on type (pants vs. tops) and season (Winter vs. Summer).
  21. Labels, labels, labels. Stick them onto everything you can, and follow their instructions!
  22. Wipe down counters before you cook, while you’re cooking, and after you’re done cooking.
  23. Enforce the “no shoes in the house” rule. 
  24. Fold clothing and linens in a uniform and consistent way so that they all lay on top of each other seamlessly. 
  25. Use an under-the-bed or closet storage system for things you don’t need as often. 
  26. Go paperless. Switch your bill payments to an online account, and input your legal document data on to a computer so that you can get rid of years worth of old papers. 
  27. If you have kids or pets (or a messy significant other), then clean up after them as the mess is made rather than waiting to start until they are finished making it. 
  28. Don’t just wipe toilets, sinks, and tubs — SCRUB them. 
  29. If you see something that needs to be cleaned or organized, don’t wait — do it when you notice it. 

Try these organization hacks to aid your neat freak tendencies!

8 Vegetables that you can regrow

There are only so many foods in this world that can be regrown over and over again. Vegetables are one of the best ideas for attempting to keep this sustainable food growing again and again. Each one of these 8 ideas, gives you the instructions you require and tutorials on setting up and regrowing 8 different vegetables.

Spring onions /Scallions 

Scallions You can regrow scallions by leaving an inch attached to the roots and place them in a small glass with a little water in a well-lit room. … 

8 Vegetables That You Can Regrow Again And Again.


When garlic begins to sprout, you can put them in a glass with a little water and grow garlic sprouts. The sprouts have a mild flavor than garlic and can be added to salads, pasta and other dishes. … 

8 Vegetables That You Can Regrow Again And Again.

Bok Choy

Bok Choy can be regrown by placing the root end in water in a well-lit area. In 1-2 weeks, you can transplant it to a pot with soil and grow a full new head….

8 Vegetables That You Can Regrow Again And Again.Carrots

Put carrot tops in a dish with a little water. Set the dish in a well-lit room or a window sill. You’ll have carrot tops to use in salads. … 

8 Vegetables That You Can Regrow Again And Again.Basil

Put clippings from basil with 3 to 4-inch stems in a glass of water and place it in direct sunlight. When the roots are about 2 inches long, plant them in pots to and in time it will grow a full basil plant…. 

8 Vegetables That You Can Regrow Again And Again.Celery

Cut off the base of the celery and place it in a saucer or shallow bowl of warm water in the sun. Leaves will begin to thicken and grow in the middle of the base, then transfer the celery to soil. …

8 Vegetables That You Can Regrow Again And Again.Romaine Lettuce

Put romaine lettuce stumps in a 1/2 inch of water. Re-water to keep water level at 1/2 inch. After a few days, roots and new leaves will appear and you can transplant it into soil…. 

8 Vegetables That You Can Regrow Again And Again.


The stems of cilantro will grown when placed in a glass of water. Once the roots are long enough, plant them in a pot in a well-lit room. You will have a full plant in a few months 

8 Vegetables That You Can Regrow Again And Again.

Share these awesome tips with your friends and family….