How do you make the most of each month?

If you, like Me , find it difficult to find the time to get everything done, you’re not alone. So I’m  trying to make it easier for you  and for me with simple suggestions for getting the most out of every month.

November is  here!  For us at the messed up home means this month we are only celebrating !!  Yes, U read that right ! Just CELEBRATING  all month along !  

We have Diwali /Thanksgiving / Birthdays / Anniversaries in the family ! All  this in this one month ! Are you ready for “THE HOLIDAYS “ ? I am!  So TOTALLY Ready for November !

Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 2.00.09 PM

 If you are not – no worries! I have a timeline to success this year  with  my NOVEMBER CALENDAR 2015 ! 

Also most of my friends are Americans & they  give thanks in November, and the holiday season looms all over India  and US .

This version of my calendar this month is Indian  and US version as I will be having both holidays this year ! ( YES!!! Can u imagine I have whole month of holidays !!! who gets that !! ) 

Keep tabs on your time with a printable November  2015 calendar.

Use this free monthly calendar to track activities throughout the month.

With both Diwali  and Thanksgiving versions, this November calendar will help you usher the holidays into your organized home.!!

until then Happy Holidays !!!