Smart Ways to Declutter and Stress Less!


Overwhelmed by stuff? Cut down your clutter with these easy tips, designed to help you streamline your storage, get organized, and de-stress!

The Junk Drawer


Did you know that it’s actually smart to have a junk drawer? It serves as a catchall for all those little odds and ends you know you’ll need at some point. But junk doesn’t have to mean chaos. Watch and learn how to keep your junk drawer organized.

Declutter on a Dime


Shop dollar stores for storage bins and baskets, then buy a bunch in the same color. Displayed in multiples, inexpensive plastic or cloth bins look calm and organized — and they offer tons of storage space.


kids chores

Lots of bins may be counterintuitive to the process of decluttering, but in some cases, the more the better. For example, in kids’ rooms, having several smaller bins designated for specific types of toys makes it easy for kids to find that one toy more quickly, as opposed to dumping a large container of miscellaneous toys on the elusive hunt.

Sheet Sorting


Sort sheets for each bedroom into designated bins. That way, finding the right linens for a specific room is a snap. Place a coated metal pan rack inside the bin to separate sets to make it easy to grab all the pieces when it’s time to change the sheets.

Extra Storage Space

On a white tiled kitchen wall hangs a silver colored magnetic board with stainless cointainers with clear lids on it__20152_idsm01a_01_thumb_PH122242

Use the backs of doors and cupboards for bonus storage space. Shallow shelves, hooks, and over-the-door organizers make convenient spots for items that are chronically homeless.

Kitchen Zones


Create zones for kitchen tasks you do on a regular basis, such as making lunches or baking. Designate a shelf for everything you need for the job, including nonperishable foods and special tools or utensils.

An Orderly Nightstand

Designate your nightstand as a clutter-free zone that’s a pleasure to wake up to. Limit yourself to a reasonable number of books. Set out a tray to hold change and jewelry. Park a basket below for blankets or magazines.

Clever Solutions


You can still have prime storage in a basic closet. Watch and learn the secrets for stand-out storage in a standard closet.

Three Questions

“Fluctuating waistlines, happy memories, and sentimentality keep us holding on to items longer than we should. Simple solution: Place a large cloth bag on the floor of your closet. Each day, ask yourself three questions about one piece of clothing: (1) Is it flattering? (2) Do I love it? (3) Does it represent who I am today?.” If the answer is no to any one, put the item in the bag to be donated.

Declutter and Donate

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Keep a donation hamper in your closet. Every two weeks, select an item of clothing you haven’t worn in the past six months and throw it in. When the hamper is full, take it to a local charitable organization.


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