Hi Everyone , Sorry for the delay in posts I was super busy for the Last 2 weeks , Aishwarya had asked for Menu planning and Inventory List ,but I could only do the menu planning one this week and I honestly think Indian kitchen Inventory planning is something so huge that I literally need at least a week just to write down the items ! ( don’t Ask) !!


So anyway about my menu planning ,I   literally sit down for 30 mins every Saturday  and plan out our menu so that we can shop accordingly  on Sunday at the Market or Grocery stores  and also not have another thing adding up to my headache.

 I think  this is a problem everybody seems to have. So hopefully this post solves the problem :)

This planner has helped me tons already to save money on groceries + lower my sugar tantrums (yeah I have those, sometimes) + boost my productivity. And that makes me happy + happy + happy!

 Menu Planner 1

This Above menu planner is what I used to have but since I am back in India , I stick to the one Below 

Weekly Menu

weekly menu

What I do with this above menu is that I write it on Post its and then stick them on to the  paper and it goes on my command centre  And I change them every week ,this helps a lot to keep my mind stress-free !!

Hope fully I have solved at least one of Aishwarya’s Problems ,  and about inventory lists of the kitchen grocery items ,

To make sure I always have the essentials in my pantry (rice, beans, etc) I use lined post-it notes that I stick to the inside of the pantry doors.
List what you should always have on hand, add a tick when you’ve ran out of any item  and take a photo with your phone before you go grocery shopping.! 


Right now I do this but since Aishwarya has got my brains to work towards Inventories ,who knows I might even end up making a fridge/pantry/freezer Inventories !!

Wish me Luck !!



  1. adarbha20 says:

    Thank you Prats for this Menu Planner and Grocery shopping list. This will be helpful, as now I will write down my menu, a week before, and that will make me also use all the legumes and lenthils stock I have in my refrigerator. I will take a print out and just start out.

    By the way, your idea of using old carton boxes helped me out. I used up some of them to store some items and tupperwares I rarely use. Now its nicely stocked up on the upper shelf and I made some space to fit in my regular electrical appliances. Thank you for the timely tip.


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