Kids room Cleaning steps :


 Dust the furniture. Wipe down the crib or bed and all other furniture with cleaner and a cloth.

Clean the upholstery. Dust any upholstered pieces—such as a rocking-chair cushion, an ottoman, or beanbag chairs—with a moistened cloth. Or gently go over the fabric with a dry-cleaning sponge.

Sanitize the changing table and diaper pail. Use all-purpose cleaner and a cloth. Wipe down any baby products sitting on the table with a cloth.

Launder the bedding. Wash everything—mattress pads, sheets, blankets, comforters, and pillowcases—in hot water. For good measure, throw in pillows every few washes.

Dust any photos, and artwork. Use a microfiber cloth or an extendable duster. Spritz glass cleaner on a cloth and wipe down any glass in long, horizontal strokes to avoid streaking.

Disinfect the wastebasket. Spray all-purpose cleaner both inside and outside the bin and wipe down with a cloth.

Vacuum the floors. Or mop them with a dust mop. Move big pieces of furniture, such as cribs, changing tables, beds, and toy chests, and clean underneath, around, and behind them. Don’t forget to clear everything off the closet floor and run the dust mop or vacuum over it. Dust bunnies breed behind closet doors.

Do the light fixtures. Dust with extra caution! 

Wash the windows. Spritz glass cleaner on a newspaper or use a squeegee and a solution of dishwashing liquid and water.

Clean the blinds or curtains. Wipe blinds with an extendable duster. Vacuum curtains with a brush attachment or wipe them with a dry-cleaning sponge.

Wash the toys. Machine wash stuffed animals and let them air-dry—or throw them in the freezer to kill germs. Clean plastic toys with a disinfecting wipe and wooden ones with a wet cloth moistened with dishwashing liquid.

Clean the mattress & the Bed , Play Area.  Carefully go over the entire surface, paying special attention to indented or buttoned areas, where dust can lodge.

organizing the kids room

Let’s get shelves done first (if appropriate). Use same method: examine, toss/save/donate, replace onto shelves.

 For me the Hair Accessories are a overwhelming cleaning chore ,

here are 2 ways how I tackle it!

3aafb6a9da3fee9b7f90f032b771141d Organizing Hair Clips - Page 051

This is a good time to get rid of games with lots of missing pieces, or save for while you’re in the playroom in case the pieces are hidden there.

Desk drawers: go through (or have your children if they’re older) and sort out what papers need to be saved and what can be tossed.

Get rid of old magazines, old McDonald toys, toys in pieces, broken crayons, non-functional pens. make room for the stuff on top of the desk!

Clothing Drawers and Closets: Again, check for current sizing. Too small? Donate to a friend’s kids, Goodwill, or homeless shelter. Torn? Can it be used for rags?


Box up anything to be saved for a sibling. Label and the box and put it away now. Throw out anything not able to be repaired! Have your child try on questionable items.

Before we go further. have you thought about taking curtains down, and washing? Better start now! Throw the bedspread & blanket in the wash too!

Time to check under the bed for the Messies down there. This might be a good place for under-bed storage containers.

Once everything is picked up off the floor, don’t forget the ceiling fans, and wash your ceiling fixtures. Now’s a good time for windows & blinds too! Don’t forget to dust, & polish any wooden furniture.

If you have boxes stored in bedroom or closets make sure you have a good marker with you to mark the outside of boxes with contents.

You can use the same methods for playrooms or play areas. 


If you have none of the above,

Then take a relaxing bath. Then go over any areas that still need  “doing”.


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