Make Your Kids Part of the Cleaning Routine . But though it can be challenging to keep things clean, neat, and orderly when you’ve got young children at home, it’s not impossible. In fact, the secret is to make your kids part of the solution, rather than the problem. here are a few tricks and tips for u to get help from little helping hands !

1. Have Realistic Expectations.

To a child, asking them to “clean a room” is an overwhelming and confusing thought  they often have trouble understanding . Asking them to put away their clean clothes away or to clear off a play area  are likely more manageable expectations and will eventually lead to better help with keeping a cleaning routine.

2. Set Timers.

I don’t know about your kids but mine works much more efficiently with deadlines. If I asked her to pick up all the toys off the floor and return them to where they belong, it might take all afternoon because she would become distracted by playing with them. But if I set a timer for 15 minutes, the task was over and done 15 minutes later. We called our timed cleaning tasks as “cleaning  fairies ” and it turned what might feel like a chore into a fun game. And as a long term bonus it taught her  to become independent and  efficient!

3.Have A Place for Everything.

 By regularly purging excess and having a clear place for everything, I hoped to teach my kid to be successful not only with daily cleaning but understanding the need for keeping only what you need and basic organizational skills. Then automatically she started doing things like she has always done them !

4. Set Aside A Time for Daily Cleaning.

Once a month cleaning and weekend cleaning plans did not work at our house. For awhile we tried Saturday cleaning and it pretty much ruined our weekend. Once I realized that I didn’t enjoy letting all the housework pile up to be dealt with on Saturday, everything changed around our house. A little bit of upkeep every day helped my whole family to become people who generally just picked up after ourselves regularly, rather than waiting until “heavy cleaning day.”

5. Rewards, Memory Making and End of the Week Fun.

It is so important to make living fun and memorable. I never wanted Poohcoo to have more memories of “cleaning days” and “chores” than of regular family fun and I really like teaching  her about the rewards of hard work and daily discipline. So I reward her every Friday ,after her whole week of tasks are done ,we go through our Chore List and enjoy the rewards by way of ICE-CREAM!!! imagesSo while this battle may not be worth the effort–or even feasible–for everyone, I can say without hesitation that it was most definitely worth it for us, not simply for the clean room, but for the character it is instilling in them….and in me.


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