When it comes to organizing, the best system is the one you come up with to suit your particular life circumstances.  Systems devised by others can give you ideas, but it rarely works when you try to follow them to the letter.  (Not that I haven’t tried.)  

july!There’s something irresistible about other people’s systems,

the promise being that if only you could stick to a system, you’d never be caught with an empty fridge or messy living room ever again. YES ! The thought always brings a smile to my face ,but honestly it hardly works ! but it doesn’t hurt to try ! Right?

  Anyway here is an Organization Plan for July 2015  .

I’ve tried to create something simple, easy to use, and practical for even the busiest mom. I have broken things up into daily tasks, weekly tasks, and monthly tasks There are some tasks that must be done every day to keep a clean home.

To keep it simple for you,I have  very easy ROUTINES  To do throughout the day here . Most take only a few minutes. 

This July Printable Calendar is so easy to use ,just print and keep it in your HOUSEHOLD NOTEBOOK  and u won’t forget even a single task ! Trust me this method really works ! I can only hope ! 

There’s a different organizing suggestion for you to do every day of the month–all easy, down-to-earth, and no thinking’ what should I do?’ required.

so here is a Calendar for July 2015 a sneak peak at the whole month ahead of you !

JULY 2015         

july 3

I JUST FEEL LIKE HER RIGHT NOW !! I really Have come up with this system to help my family needs , it is editable so u can download it and Edit Away!! 

Just feel free to join the messed up home on Facebook ,I update many things there , Like my page and Please do Share !

Until then Happy JULY to ALL!!


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