We are quickly coming to the end of June , and all I can think about is managing  Poohcoo’s  schedules since the school has started . In previous years, our schedule was centered around my schedules . This year she is in 3rd Grade, and now that I am working,Volunteering at school , basically being a soccer Mom and I actually need to organize our time more efficiently !! 

In my mind I see more papers, more activities, and more chances to forget something.

To get a little organization into my life before the busy routines of school have us whipping through the year at a rabbit’s pace again? 

And my plan to get organized for this year definitely involves setting up a functional command center. 

IMG_6194This is one of those projects where I spent weeks trying to find the right materials and waiting for them to arrive. 

When all of my supplies came in … I swear, the skies parted and a little beam of light glistened through my kitchen window … I may have heard angels singing (or it could have been my Mac).

My first priority was to minimize the papers that accumulate on our Dining table . By creating a semi-organized place to keep them, my hope is that it will be less likely for me to misplace something important.  

My second priority was to make our schedule available to everyone in our home. In the past, I kept my schedule on my phone and would just relay the information to my husband on a need-to-know basis. Even though Poohcoo wasn’t  able to read or reach or schedule yet. I think it will be good to start teaching her & husband where to look for important information, so when She is  older the habit is already in her head.

I decided creating a family command center would work best for collecting our mess and keeping our general schedule. I started by trying to figure out what would work best for my family by “pinning” ideas on Pinterest .

My first thought was to place the command center in our Home office. I then realized that there are days I don’t even walk in there, so having it in there didn’t make much sense. The Kitchen / Dining area is the area we use 99% of the time. I ended up placing the command center as soon as you walk in the main  door.( Dumb Idea )I know but  That way it’ll be the first thing you see when you walk in the house, and the last thing you see when you walk out.

Our Kitchen Command Center features a Meal Planning Board, weekly Planner , Daily Planner  and Chore Charts … it has everything we need to plan out our week.

IMG_6192On the Weekly calendar, I try to keep each activity a specific color, so it is easy to see what is happening each day at a quick glance. I still keep a schedule book for the entire year, but the weekly Calendar lets everyone in my house know where everyone is or needs to be.

IMG_6191Daily Planner is for me only as u can see mom up there !! 

Pooh coo’s Chore Chart is also up and running ! though she has been doing this for over 3 years now and is a pro at ticking off her lists and taking money from me for her chores ! 


 the U fell down just before i took the pic !

there is a post it notepad for my grocery list, or anything that I remember goes in there 🙂

I purchased the bucket from Dmart  a while ago with this exact project in mind… love it when a plan comes together!  Its Magnetic so I was happy !!  I don’t know what I’ll put in the bottom two buckets but I’m sure they won’t stay empty for long.

So, do you feel a little more inspired to get organized?So that’s it!  I’m happy that I have a lot of things up there but still have some open areas to pin up important and time sensitive things. Speaking of pinning, do you Pinterest?  You should! Remember, there are a ton more ideas!!


Thanks for reading. And remember my  friends, HOME isn’t built in a day. Enjoy the journey!


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