Happy Monday !

Hope all of you had a great weekend ! We @TMH had a wonderful weekend with Father’s Day BBQ and the very first international yoga day in India !
Well, anyway this week we are gonna tackle the extra bedroom /craft room / home office room, whatever you may call it ! ( This week I will be posting a lot of posts for this room Particular so bear with me :))
It’s very difficult for me to tackle this room coz this room serves 3 in 1 for us ,craft room , home office and a guest room if need be ! It’s always a challenge for me and I dread the week I have to clean this room (arrgh)! You probably already know how challenging it can be to get a room intended to serve two purposes to do both things well. 
Cleaning the Craft Room / Closet :
• Sort: Working out what you have and sorting it into meaningful groups.
• Purge: Getting rid of the junk you don’t need.
• Assign: Setting a place to store the stuff you need to keep.When like items are grouped together, cleaning up is easier and little ones know where to return items.  Labeling is a good idea if you want items to be returned to ‘their spot’.
• Containerise: Acquiring suitable shelves, boxes or whatever to store the assigned items.
• Equalise: Setting aside regular time to maintain the system you’ve designed.

Organizing the Craft Room / Closet  : ( PRINTABLE HERE )

• Decluttering: When you first begin to organize your  room, eliminate old materials you are no longer interested in Keeping . By decluttering your Items or stuff in my case  materials, you will free up a lot more space to be efficiently organized.


• Project Area: Your room should have one central area where you can work on current projects. I don’t have one yet but then just starting BABY Steps!!
The  area should give plenty of workspace, and needed materials should be able to be temporarily stored nearby for whenever you have a moment to work on the project.
• Working Area ( I will have one soon ) : The table workspace area you use for ongoing projects is most efficient if everything is within easy reach. Tables shaped like a U, T, or L are most efficient and maximize your workspace and storage area. If you don’t have a shaped table, add on to a basic table with freestanding worktables or other surfaces that can be moved if necessary.( Right now My Dining table work for me but in a day or two I have an extra table to move in there !)
• Lighting: Natural light is most comfortable to work with, so choose a craft room with large windows or skylights and position your workspace area near the best light sources. 

• Labels: plastic bins and easy-to-read labels are perfect for crafters. Label all storage bins clearly,  I hand made Labels as Staples in Bangalore are Shutting down!! Or rather Dropping Dead !

• Immediate Access: If there are specific tools and materials that you use with most projects, such as scissors, a glue gun or a small sewing kit, they should be stored in an immediately accessible area.

Until Then Happy House Cleaning !!

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