I love finding ways to update things I already have, making it feel like a brand new piece of decor.Β  My impulse is always to spray paint something to give it a new look and while I absolutely LOVE to spray paint just about anything, I recently considered a new approach. Β 


I decided to give theΒ  plastic baskets a new, natural look using some rope that I picked up for my garden ( to tie my creepers ). The basketsΒ  I used was one I already had but It was black and didn’t look nice in my bathrooms at all !

All you need for this DIY upscaleΒ  is a vase, jar , basket anything to cover , rope, and a hot glue gun.Β 

To begin, flip the jarΒ  upside down.Β  Begin gluing the rope at the base of the Jar .Β  As you wrap the rope around the vase, apply a dot of glue about every inch and press and hold the rope in place as you glue.Β  As you get toward the top of the jar , you will need to flip the jarΒ  on its side and then right side up to continue wrapping

Here is mine :

Β IMG_6167

When you reach the top of the jar , cut off the remaining rope and glue the end in place.Β  To keep the end of the rope flush with the top of the jar , cut off any frayed pieces at the end.Β  I braided it into a plait and stuck it to the top .

I love the texture that the rope added to an otherwise boring multipurpose holders .

Let me know how yours turn out !!


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