Dishwasher Cleaning

how to clean a dishwasher ?

dishwasher final

Who the hell wants to clean a dishwasher!!!! ( Squirming inside) ,

Aren’t these machines supposed to be cleaning our Dishes ? Well if the dishwasher  cleans your dirty dishes doesnt it sometimes  need a bath too?

Most of us don’t think about the cleaning the dishwasher on a monthly basis. If it doesnt clean well only then we take a look under the hood ! Believe me you must be thinking about when you last cleaned your dishwasher .

Well Debris and gunk get deposited over a period of time and then they reduce the performance of the dishwasher . According to most manuals (that book thingy that come with the dishwasher we never check!!!) you are supposed to clean your dishwasher atleast once in 6 months.

 My Dishwasher is fairly new (3 years old), so it really wasn’t that bad ,May be in the next 3 months when i do the deep cleaning part ,then i may update the pics 🙂

If you are adding Dishwasher cleaning in your routines , add it to the MONTHLY ROUTINES !

Well anyways this Cleaning challenge will take only 15 minutes or at the max 30 minutes 

so here goes, 

Task- Dishwasher cleaning 

Challenge task – Monthly or Bi – Monthly 

Time – 15 -30 minutes

 Materials Needed;

White Vinegar


Tooth Brush ( old)


Hand Sanitizer 

Kitchen cleaner spray ( home made )

Kitchen Cleaning  Rags 

 For First Timers only  – Deep Clean your Dishwasher 

       Deep Cleaning Method 

Step 1.- Empty the Dishwasher.

    Really Empty the Dishwasher to the last utensil . how can you clean the dishwasher if its not empty !

final dw

Step 2.-Remove the Racks.

  Fill your Kitchen sink with hot water  half way through , then add Vinegar and some drops of dishwashing liquid .

Remove all the Racks of the Dishwasher and then place them in the hot water , let them soak for half hour .

Step 3. – Check the Spinning arms and the filter.

 Check the water spouts / twirly things to make sure that all the holes are not clogged up , the holes are on the arms ,they are TINY! Use your Tweezers to remove gunk from the holes. ( do not Damage it , do it SLOWLY), check the filter ,If it looks like this pic below , then soak them in the hot water.

dishwasher 4 

Step 4.-Wipe down .

dishwasher 6   

I didn’t remove the racks for the pic coz i had just cleaned it the night before .

Wipe around the walls of the dishwasher with the kitchen Cleaner Spray or if your dishwasher is stainless steel then spray the insides of the dishwasher with vinegar water solution and then wipe them down through the walls and the floor and all ( DO NOT USE BLEACH FOR STAINLESS STEEL INTERIORS)

STEP 5 .- Clean the rust.

Dishwashers generally are rust free unless you have a very old dishwasher , just incase you have rust build up on the dishwasher ,then vinegar solution will clean them off but it requires a little more good old Elbow grease . The door and the sealant needs to be cleaned with a tooth brush and a damp cloth as they don’t get washed during the  wash cycles .

Step 6.- Rinse and Replace. 

 Now that you have cleaned the entire dishwasher insides , its time to replace all the racks and the filter , check the salt container if you have any . and fill up the Rinse aid compartment .

its time to enjoy the fruits of your labour !

 Enjoy it you deserve it !!

dishwasher 6

1.  Use the Dishwasher Regularly so it Eliminates the need for cleaning the dishwasher .Occasionaly run it on an empty on water saving cycle with a bowl of vinegar in it .

2.  Regularly clean the outsides of the dishwasher so it looks clean most of the times.

small tip ( try cleaning it with handsanitizer on a damp towel, I promise it looks good )

dishwasher final

3.   Also, run the hot water in your sink so it will be at full temperature when you start the dishwasher You can keep the initial run for watering houseplants). This step is unnecessary, though, for a dishwasher with a built-in water heater.

4 .  Deep clean your dishwasher at least once every six months so it runs smooth !!

Do you have more tips on Running or cleaning you r dishwasher please share them with me ! you know I am always up for learning a new thing !

Until then Happy cleaning !


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