The Household Notebook is your own personal Notebook (in  my case – A family Notebook, DH and DD use it too) for listing and keeping track of your cleaning and organizing  challenges around the house.  It’s kind of the brain ,containing all those things you need to keep your home from being a mess !  All those things that, if you’re like me, you try to remember in your head, but for Pete’s sake can never remember !

You can use a notebook, a binder, or even a scrapbook, it doesn’t matter — it just has to work for you.

  I personally use a 3 inch ring binder and  each section is covered with plastic sheet protectors so I can use a dry-erase marker to check off the completed items. I  also color code each section and the Rooms so they are easy to find. Getting started with your household notebook is really very simple. It doesn’t cost a lot of money and helps to save you time and money too!

When you are deciding on a binder, you have to keep in mind how many family members you have, what types of information  you plan to store in there and how much room you will need.

After you have gathered all your ideas for your categories, you will need to purchase a Binder or Notebook to store all your stuff. The next things you will need are a package of page protectors, a package of dividers (the same number as you have categories) and last but not the least , you will need your computer and printer to print out the different forms you might like to use in your notebook.  

I  had experimented over the years  created several different forms for my own household notebook, but if you do not want to do that then you can check my PRINTABLES MENU  HERE .

The final step in getting your household binder ready is to simply fill the information. It’s really very easy and honestly the longest part is setting it up. Once it is all set up, it’s easy to maintain it! And the time and money it will save you is unbelievable. Just to give you an idea on How to build a Household Notebook ; – Supplies

  • A notebook/binder.(i love a binder , but a 5/6 subject notebook also works just as good).
  • Blank dividers.
  • Monthly dividers for seasonal reminders, such as birthdays and Festivals/Holidays.
  • Sheet protectors
  • Dry erase markers in your favorite color
  • Some kind of calendar for your schedule
  • Post-it notes
  • A zippered pouch (paper clips, pens, and other small items)  -Optional 

– Dividers / Sections of your Notebook. Here are some examples of  sections for your Home Management Binder.  Use the ones that apply best to you and your life.

  1. CALENDAR- A monthly calendar ,Weekly calendar just to plan for the month .
  2. SCHEDULE/DAY PLANNER- Daily routines and other stuff 
  3. Cleaning/homemaking routines- I have a weekly schedule of cleaning the rooms ,
  4. Groceries/menu planning- Once a week I menu plan for the whole week so it makes grocery store trips much less.
  5. MEDICAL RECORDS- Our medical records are just kept here so they are handy .
  6. School records – All of DD’s school stuff , letters, circulars etc .
  7. Budget/Finances- I keep one , its easy to know ur spending or should i say Savings !
  8. Garden plans – I have a garden , I keep all info I need regarding my Garden.        
  9. Hospitality/Party planning- We have a lot of folks who come over all the time !
  10. Festival  planner-  Do i need to explain this ?
  11. Freezer inventory- just miscellaneous something that i love to have handy !
  • Anything else that will help simplify your life!

A sneak peek of The Messed up Home Notebook sections; calendar contacts    school info  chores meal      contacts  My household Notebook is basically divided into 2 sections my Daily to do routines and my weekly schedule are not in the book ,instead they are on my Command Centre ,where all 3 of us have our schedules written off  and its easily accessible to all of us !


Command Centre in our messed-up home !

 By the way, never let your Household Manual leave your home.  It’s too easy to lose the contents somewhere and usually a lot of what is in there is irreplaceable.  At home is where you need it most of the time anyway.  If there is something you wish to take with you either just take out that particular page or better still make a copy of it for your purse. This post makes me sound very organized and efficient by nature ! believe me I am Not! Its my way of adapting to my OCD of CHAOS Syndrome ! If I had to boil it down to 4 phrases  for you , I’d say ” Start now , Don’t aim for Perfection , Patience and Have fun along the way!” I know this was a way too long post  and probably included way more than you wanted to know, but if you have any questions, just leave them in the comments and I will answer them.  And I would love to hear about your Note booking Experiences too!!



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