It was  7 years ago when I became overwhelmed by my house which was in chaos and I was a new mom, moved into a new house! Everything was just too much and I couldn’t take it anymore!! That’s when I realized that  my life had changed, and I needed to get my life in order !

It got me thinking.  What are the very basics that need to be done to keep our home clean enough?  How could I spread a few of my weekly tasks out to monthly and build the quarterly/semi-annual tasks in as well?  How about taking time to purge and cut clutter?  How could I be sure that we don’t have to waste a whole weekend cleaning and making up for a busy week ? AND not wait until the VERY last  minute!!e.g. to change the bulb after it blew out and then find out that there are no spare bulbs in the house ! “No es Bueno”

so I started making Routines and STUCK TO THEM ! ( literally) and then I moved again  to a different continent all together ! Phew ! That’s when I got completely into the Flylady system .I followed it religiously for a month or two,but again I was overwhelmed and QUIT !
But one thing stuck to me was the ROUTINES.
It is super Easy if u start it once and keep doing it daily then it isn’t hard to keep the house clean at all ! 
There are a few things or rather 10 things  that I do Daily without FAIL 

1. Make the bed

I don’t know about you, but I feel that when my bed is made I can at least make it through the day. In reality , I never get to make the bed , DH does it for me !!(yay):)

 2. Swish and Swipe the bathroom

As soon as everyone has left for the day  I do a very quick bathroom wipe down. 

3. One load of laundry  if washed,  then folded, and put away

Laundry seems to multiply around here but not that quickly ! so twice  a week i do the Laundry .

4. Load, run and empty the dishwasher

As soon as dinner is over, I immediately clean the dishes and load the dishwasher. 

5. Keep the kitchen counters clean

I clean as I go while cooking so I don’t have a huge mess waiting after meal time. Plus who wants to clean the counters just to make dinner?

6. Tidy up Rooms in the morning.

This is a part of my weekly schedule so i have 1 room to clean each day .

7. House clutter check through

 Before I relax for the evening, I do a quick house sweep through.  It is so nice to be able to relax at the end of the day knowing that everything is picked up and put away.

8. Plan for tomorrow

I take a few minutes and look at my calendar  for tomorrow. I make any notes of things I need to do or remember. I make my lists and write out a basic plan for the day. This way I can relax knowing that I have thought through my day and my to-do list.

9. Lay out breakfast prep, Lunch boxes etc for the next day

I like to lay out the breakfast prep ,Lunchboxes etc for the next day . It just helps me prepare for the early morning if I have the lunch boxes out and ready to go. I also make my husband’s lunch, get my water bottle ready for next day  and prepare coffee pot.(or else I would have a bad morning !!!)

10. Read

We are  very intentional about spending the last 30 minutes to an hour of my day by reading. Reading is one of my favorite things to do  even though my daughter hates it .

I may not get around to doing any real deep cleaning, but I find that if I do these things it helps keep my home organized, tidy, and clutter free. Plus if I get nothing else done through the day, if I accomplish all 10 of these basic house keeping tasks, I feel like I did accomplish something.